How to Make Cheap Calls Studying Abroad & Receive Phone Calls While Overseas

There are countless horror stories on the Internet about how much some consumers have been “charged” (ripped off) by cheap phone cards for International calls. Fortunately, you can save substantial sums of money on these types of calls by planning ahead. However, in these time of uncertainty, terrorism, and the unknown staying in touch with your family and friends while traveling abroad has become completely necessary. Whatever the purpose of your overseas trip, you will want to call back home at least once in a while. Calling back home can be a very expensive affair especially if you are making an overseas phone call.

If you are carrying a mobile with international roaming, chances are you will be ripped off completely by your mobile service provider. So, how do you stay in touch with your loved ones without having to pay an arm and leg to do this? The answer is simple and cheap. Overseas calling cards! At speedy their Pre-paid calling cards are portable and provide some protection against unseemly practices by the telecoms.

Things to consider if you are using phone cards are, if there are any extra charges for the time and place of your call such as connection fees, maintenance or monthly fees, the billing increment of your call, and expiration date of the card. If you’re intending on using a calling card on a regular basis then consider a rechargeable card that will not expire. At speedy pin they provide answers to all these questions. For instance, my job requires me to call overseas daily, and my mobile overseas cost is way too expensive for me to afford, so if it wasn’t for the service at speedy pin, then I would probably be broke by now with all of the international outbound calls that I make on a regular day to day basis. Speedy pin has been my cheap calls abroad savior.

These calling cards are hassle free and allow you the freedom to call even from the comfort of your hotel or apartment room whenever you feel the need to talk to your family in any environment. These calling cards are ideal for students, sales representatives, frequent overseas travelers, tourists, business people who need to call abroad frequently, and military personnel. Most importantly, these overseas phone cards are cheaper in rate as compared to hotel phone rates or mobile rates. For more information on how to get your very own calling card, go to The customer service will be very prompt and courteous serving you with excellence.