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Below is a list of companies meeting your selection criteria with instructions to Get 2 a Human using their customer service #.  **Click on a company name to rate their phone customer support system.

We just added a column which identifies enterprises that are using agents that callers are having a hard time communicating with because of a severe accent.  Enterprises with red flags have received a lot of complaints on this.  Tell us if you have a bad or good experience by clicking on the name of the enterprise and voting.
Company (click to rate company) Consumer Rating Get 2 Human Avg Min to get to Human Customer Service Phone #


Agent Communications
W Hotels Press 16. 1 888-625-5144 No
Wachovia Press 00 at each prompt, ignoring messages. 9 800-922-4684  
Wachovia Credit Cards Press 0 at 1st two prompts 1 800-922-4684  
Wahl Clipper Corporation Press 0 at 1st prompt 1 815-625-6525 No
Walgreens Direct to human. 17 877-250-5823  
Wall Street Journal Press 0 at prompt; press # at prompt; press # at prompt. 4 800-568-7625  
WalMart Press 2, 1 & 1 at the 1st three prompts. 34 800-925-6278  
Walmart Community/Business Card Just wait   877-294-7880 No
WalMart Credit Card Dont press or say anything. 10 866-888-3868  
Walmart Discover Credit card Just wait   866-611-1148 No
Walmart MoneyCard Just wait 1 877-937-4098 No Press * at each prompt, ignoring messages. 26 800-966-6546  
Walt Disney World Direct to human. 1 407-824-2222 No
Walton Electric Member Corp Just wait or press 0 at each prompt until connected to a human 1 770-267-2505  
Washington Mutual Press 1 at 1st prompt, 6 at 2nd prompt, and 2 at 3rd prompt. 16 800-788-7000  
Washington Mutual Card Services press 0# at each prompt. 17 800-356-0011  
Washington Mutual Investments (WaMu Investments): Press 0 at each prompt.   800-888-0055  
Washington Post press 0 1 800-477-4679  
Waste Management Just wait.   800-545-4560  
Wave Broadband Press 0# at each prompt 1 866-928-3123  
Wave Broadband Press 0# at each prompt   866-928-3123  
Weber Grill Do nothing. Just wait. 1 800-446-1071  
Webroot Press 1 at 1st prompt. 1 866-612-4227  
Webster Bank Press 0 at 1st prompt 1 800-325-2424 No
Wellcare Health Plans Just wait. 1 866-530-9491  
Wellpoint NextRX Press "0" at 1st and then say "yes" at the next prompt   800-962-8192 No
Wells Fargo Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages. 15 800-869-3557  
Wells Fargo Automotive Finance Just wait. No call-back after hours   800-559-3557  
Wells Fargo Credit Press 0# at each prompt, ignoring messages.   800-642-4720  
Wenger NA Press 4 at 1st prompt 1 800-267-3577  
Wescom Central Credit Union Press 7 at 1st prompt. Then just wait. 1 888-493-7266 888-937-2661
Westar Energy Inc Press 1 at 1st prompt. Then 0 at the 2nd prompt. 1 800-383-1183  
Western Illinois Electrical Cooperative direct to human 1 217-357-3125 No
Western Massachusetts Electric Company Press 0 at 1st prompt 1 800-286-2000 800-221-1341
Western Union Press *##. 29 800-634-1311  
Westin Hotels Press 11.   888-625-5144 No
Westinghouse press 0 at 1st menu   866-442-7873  
WestJet Direct to human   888-937-8538 877-952-0100
Whirlpool Just wait. It will take a while though. Alternately, answer their questions about who you are and what you are calling about. 19 800-253-1301 No
White House Direct to human. 120 202-456-1414  
White House | Black Market Press 4 at 1st prompt 1 877-948-2525 888-550-5559
Whiting Memorial Park Direct to human   732-350-1610  
WildBlue Communications Press 2 at each prompt   888-278-6858  
Williams-Sonoma Dont press or say anything. 1 877-812-6235  
Windstream Communications Press1 at 1st 2 menu, then press 0#   877-520-5220 No
Wingate by Wyndham Customer Service Just wait   800-449-3716 No
Wingate by Wyndham En Español Direct to human 1 800-364-6581 No
Wingate by Wyndham Reservations Direct to human   800-228-1000 877-999-3223
Wings Financial Federal Credit Union Press 0 at 1st prompt 1 800-692-2274 No
Wings Financial Federal Credit Union (Loan Applications) Press 2 at 1st prompt 1 888-692-5626 No
Wings Financial Federal Credit Union (Lost/Stolen Credit Cards) Press 1 at 1st 3 prompts 1 800-449-7728 No
Wirefly Press # at each prompt, ignoring messages. 4 888-843-2485  
Wisconsin Electric Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages. 1 800-242-9137  
Wisconsin Public Service Corp Press 0 at 1st two prompts.   800-450-7260  
Withlacoochee River Elec Coop say "agent"   352-588-5115  
Woman's Day magazine Direct to human or wait queue. No call-back after hours.   850-682-7654  
WOOD Magazine Press 1 at 1st menu and then 0 at the next menu. Justing waiting also works.   800-374-9663  
Work Number, The Press 1 at 1st two prompts. Then 0# three time. 1 800-996-7566  
WOW Press 3, at 1st three prompts   800-444-6997  
Wright-Patt Credit Union Press 0 at 1st prompt.   800-762-0047 937-912-7001
WTU Retail Energy Press 2 at 1st prompt, then 2 1 866-322-5563  
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Press 0 at 1st prompt   800-568-9938 No
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Customer Support Press 0 at 1st three prompts 1 877-999-3223 800-861-9154
Wyndham Hotels & ResortsRewards Press 0 at 1st 2 prompts   866-996-7937 800-861-9154



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