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Below is a list of companies meeting your selection criteria with instructions to Get 2 a Human using their customer service #.  **Click on a company name to rate their phone customer support system.

We just added a column which identifies enterprises that are using agents that callers are having a hard time communicating with because of a severe accent.  Enterprises with red flags have received a lot of complaints on this.  Tell us if you have a bad or good experience by clicking on the name of the enterprise and voting.
Company (click to rate company) Consumer Rating Get 2 Human Avg Min to get to Human Customer Service Phone #


Agent Communications
LA Times Say "Subscribe".   800-252-9141  
LabCorp - Ambulatory Monitoring Services direct to human   800-289-4358 No
LabCorp - HLA/Bone Marrow Testing Just wait    800-533-103 No
LabCorp - Immigration Testing Just wait   877-370-112 No
LabCorp - Paternity Testing Press 3 at 1st prompt   800-742-3944 No
LabCorp - Patient Support Press "1" at 1st menu and then just wait   800-845-6167 No
Laclede Gas Press 0# at each prompt 1 800-887-4173 No
Ladies' Home Journal Press 1 at 1st menu and then 0 at the next menu. Just waiting also works. 1 800-374-4545  
Lakeland Electric Press 3 at first prompt   863-834-9535  
Lakeside Collection Press 0 at 1st prompt or leave message if human is not available. 1 847-444-3153 No
Lands End Direct to human. 0 800-743-9706  
Langham Hotels International Direct to human   617-451-1900 No
Lansdowne Resort direct to human 1 703-729-8400 No
Lansing Board of Water and Light Press 0   517-702-6006  
LaQuinta Hotels Just wait   800-753-3757 800-426-3101
Las Vegas Review-Journal Just wait.   702-383-0211  
Le Meridien Press 13.   888-625-5144 No
Leap Wireless (Cricket) Press 2 at 1st prompt   800-274-2538 No
Lenovo Press 0 at 1st prompt. No call-back after hours.   855-531-3731  
Levenger Direct to human 1 800-545-0242 No Press 1 at 1st prompt   866-860-8907 No
Lexmark Press 1. 17 800-539-6275  
LG Electronics (Audio/Video/appliances) Press 1 at each menu until connected to a human   800-243-0000 No
LG Electronics (mobile phones) Press 4 at 1st prompt   800-793-8896 No
LGE Mobilecom Press 4 at 1st prompt   800-793-8896  
Liberty Medical Just wait   800-705-5797 No
Liberty Mutual (Claims) Press 10. 1 800-225-2467  
Liberty Power Press 1 at 1st prompt and then 0 at each following prompt.   866-769-3799 No
Liberty Tax Service Direct to human.   866-871-1040  
LifeLock Press 2 at the 1st menu.   800-543-3562  
Lincoln Electic System Direct to human   402-473-3344 No
Lincoln Mercury Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.   800-521-4140  
Lincoln National Life Insurance Press 0 at each prompt   800-454-6265  
Linksys Press 1; at prompt press ###. 51 800-326-7114  
Litter Maid Press 1 to select English, then 1 at next prompt.   800-548-6243  
Little Tikes Press 11.   800-321-0183  
Living The Country Life Magazine Press 1 at 1st menu and then 0 at the next menu. Just waiting also works.   866-341-3608  
LL Bean Direct to human. 2 800-441-5713  
LloydsTSB (UK) Don't press anything. 10 0800 0969779  
LloydsTSB Credit Card (UK) Remain silent through all the prompts.   0870 0106622  
LloydsTSB Platinum Card (UK) Remain silent through all the prompts.   0870 0106909  
Lockheed Federal Credit Union Direct to human   800-328-5328 No
Logitech Press 1, 2 and wait on hold to get a human. 18 646-454-3200  
Logitech Rebates Just wait 1 646-454-3200 No
Long Island Newsday Press 3 or just wait.   631-843-2000  
Long Island Railroad After beep, say "representative" 1 718-217-5477 718-596-8273
Long's Electronics Direct To Human   800-566-4748  
Lord & Taylor Credit Press 2002.   800-223-7440  
Lord Abbett Press 0   800-821-5129  
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Press 0 at 1menu   800-342-5397  
Los Angeles Metro Public Transportation Just wait 1 800-266-6883 No
Louisville Gas & Electric Co Press 1 at 1st prompt. Then 0 at the next prompt.   800-331-7370 No
Lowe's Press 0. 6 800-445-6937  
Lowes Credit Press 0* at every prompt until transferred to representative queue.   800-444-1408  
Lowes Visa Press 0# at each prompt, ignoring messages. No voice mail after hours.   800-508-2520  
Lowrance Just wait. No callback after hours   800-324-1356  
Lubbock Power & Light Press 0 1 806-775-2509  
Lufthansa Direct to human. 20 800-645-3880 866-846-4283
Luvs Diapers Press 0 at 1st prompt 1 888-665-3257 No
Luxury Collection Hotels Press 15.   888-625-5144 No



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